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Introducing my personal mare and good friend Espri; my wellness companion.


This palomino colt is my Espri’s 2017 first foal ‘Zodiak’. He truly is all that I had hoped for with beautiful show/working conformation along with a stellar disposition. The color of Zodiak changes with each season, quite surprising and unique I will share with you photos along the way….wow! 

For Sale:    Eclipse    2017 Light Buckskin Colt  from Effie Mae & The NuBoy

Eclipse is a colt from Effie Mae, a daughter of my past Zan Parr Bar Stallion, When / Peachy Keen a Coy’s Bonanza, Peppy San Badger/Hollywood Dun It Mare. Eclipse is a bright colored buxkskin as his papa, The Nuboy, who is a flashy brass buckskin. This is a gentle curious sporty colt.

For Sale:    Squeak 2016 Golden Dun Gelding from Cupid & The NuBoy

A golden dun with stipes and dorsal. This fella is compact and strong, yet gentle and affectionate which I like in my horses. Lots of versitility and posibilities for this Coy’s Bonanza and Hollywood Dun It offspring.

For Sale:    Little Skippy   2016 July Brindle Grulla Gelding from Zantastic & The NuBoy

Little Skippy is a 2016 July colt who appears a bit smaller than the others, whereas he was just foaled a wee bit later. Skippy spent the winter around the stable with Moses so he’s even extra comfortable being around me and people. His color is quite uniquely black/brown grulla with golden shading just like his Grandma ‘Skippy’ who produced good foals into her 23rd year. Zan Parr Bar/Coy’s Bonanza and Hollywood Dun It.

For Sale:   Hello 2016 Golden Buckskin Gelding

A show horse with class and cow sense. This gelding is from Peachy Keen, a Coy’s Bonanza / Peppy San Badger dun mare and The Nuboy. Super gentle and willing to learn. His mother is one of the cowiest horses that I have had the pleasure to ride. This fellow shows the best characteristics from all his lineage.

For Sale:   Tanner  2014 Deep Red Chestnut Gelding

This 4-year-old deep red chestnut gelding is by Effie Mae, daughter of Peachy Keen, and The Nuboy. His lineage boasts of Zan Parr Bar, Major Bonanza, Coy’s Bonanza, Peppy San Badger, Hollywood Dun It. This is a fancy rascal built as his lineage boasts, to look good and work with a personality that you can trust. A super nice fella.

For Sale:   Silky 2014 Golden Dun Filly

Silky is a 5-year-old golden dun filly from Peachy Keen and The NuBoy. Coy’s Bonanza / Peppy San Badger / Hollywood Dun It. Stout and smooth built with a sweet disposition and athletic potential. I really like a horse who is versatile and sporty, yet ok with a quiet trail ride too. 

For Sale:   Promise ME 2014 Golden Dun Filly

This pretty, gracious and elegant golden dun filly is from the mare Arianna, daughter of the grand-mare Cupid, and my stallion Nuboy. The stretch and smooth lines really show through from her Major Zan Parr grandsire. Her genealogy boasts of Zan Parr Bar, Major Bonanza, Coy’s Bonanza. A beautiful athletic ride, she is soft moving with flow and lots of willing kindness. Pretty…pretty…pretty. I really do love this filly.

For Sale:   Arianna, 10 year old mare 

Arianna Daughter of Cupid and the herd sire “Major Zan, a lesson horse and broodmare.

Arianna is the daughter of Cupid, one of the herd matriarch mares and my original herd sire “Zan Major Parr” by Zan Parr Bar. Arianna is a wellness session horse and one of the great producing broodmares here at the ranch. She has followed in the footsteps of her dam, producing absolutely awesome gentle-minded, beautiful athletic offspring. Arianna is now being offered for sale, she is not in foal.


Zantastic is a Zan Parr Bar / Coy’s Bonanza mare whom has provided many years as a faithful mount here at the ranch as a wellness service horse. One of the long-time favorites experienced with the very young and the very young-at-heart. The option for purchase is open to a kind and caring forever home only.