Introducing ~ MableAnn


Naturally, from very young, I was influenced by my father who was a professional horse trainer and wild animal park and zoo manager. I’ve lived onsite at a dude ranch and rodeo outfit, animal parks, zoo and guest ranch. This is my ideal world, among horses, a vast array of domestic, wild and exotic animals and with multi-cultural people. For me life like this is heaven, all dress in fur, close enough to hug. I learned early that animals respond instinctively with honesty and clarity, capable of expressing love unconditionally. This is the foundation and grounding element for my life and career.

My mission is to serve as a teacher and mentor, extending a bridge of guidance for those who are ready to step into a fuller expression of your authentic self as you take your life to the next level. The intent of my programs is that all may live a peaceful and more satisfying life. For as we find ease within which heals ourselves, this too extends to others and throughout the world.

I have a lifelong passion for horses and a deep enthusiasm for teaching. Unique right from my start in this life I grew up surrounded by a circle of avid professional horsemen and horsewomen.

Horses Are For Health: Real Horsemanship skills Are Life Skills!

I believe it is important for people to connect with and develop their natural primordial intuitive instincts….and to trust that gift of natural knowingness within onself, first. My life, goals and purpose, as I see it, remains constant and simply matures as I do. Having learned from a broad spectrum of teachers and situations my love for learning is diverse and ongoing.

Life has many ways of teaching us new things, yet rarely have I learned through lightning bolts of magnificent joy. In fact much of my learning curve and greatest achievements are in overcoming volumes of adversity. The devastating shambles of extensive injury from two near-death experiences have tested my resolve past measure and grown my character beyond imaginable limits to instill a depth of compassion that I may have not otherwise acquired.

I have come from the dark nights (decades) of my soul, likened to a ribbon marked trail, out of physical, emotional and spiritual pain; from agony, loss and despair has come an abundance of proven successful and indisputable life skills and techniques, effective teaching tools. Having come this far on my journey, I step forward as a Teacher and Practitioner of Psychosomatic Therapy and Coach to offer you guidance along your journey as you imprint your own footprints to success and take your life to the next level.