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I’m with you…on this page of your journey to The Next Level. My intent as a Teacher and Practitioner of Psychosomatic Therapy and Coach is to impart practical tools and skills that will empower you personally and professionally, body-mind-spirit. My Mission, is to extend a bridge for you to move into a fuller expression of your real authentic self so you can live a peaceful, fulfilling and satisfying life.

By using self-understanding as a tool for personal and professional growth, in a compassionate way, with tangible proof, I will impart to you powerful life-changing skills and tools, toward overall health and wellness; consciously engaging your natural primordial intuitive awareness, to bring forth profound insightful appreciation of self, others and our planet. I will impart practical and easy to apply psychosomatic concepts and practice, beginning with the basics of training your body-mind to feel subtle energy, concepts of reading faces, body language and life energy non-verbal communication; structure-balance-focus posture realignment.

Are you tired of rushing and running about?

Are you really tired of being sick and tired?

I mean, are you beyond even bone weary tired? If not, good for you. Listen up now rather than wait until a crisis or event moves that silent dis-ease deeper taking you out of your comfort level.

If so, I resonate with you for I too have experienced this, more than once. It’s not the stereotypical “burnout” that well meaning folks will point their fingers to when they think you are doing too much, or having too much fun. No, this is the quiet dis-ease of psychosomatic body-mind secrets, that which our body holds within as untold stories that our mind wants us to believe are unseen.

That all-consuming soul level fatigue most often doesn’t just come upon us. Generally it evolves over a lifetime of experiences which are challenging and/or may involve one or even several traumatic incidences. Not completely healed physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually, these circumstances linger within our physical and energetic body. This is the dis-ease which lends itself to disease.


Your Body Never Lies!

It remembers to beyond the DNA level of your existence. Your body is constantly speaking of your inner thoughts to the outside world, whether you understand it or not.

Your Body Is Speaking To You, perhaps aching, shouting and crying with dis-ease for your attention.

Are You Listening?

In-Depth Body Language and Face Reading Programs

Beyond Words ~ In-Depth Body Language and Face Reading Program is a powerful life-changing experience that will enlighten and provide answers regarding self and others, personal and professional relationships and team building. You will get the answers to why some relationships last a lifetime while others only for a blink, and to discern what’s your role in the patterns of your life. This is definitely a step in the right direction to find or re-establish your personal life-goals and dreams.

Reinforcing the stability of a solid foundation I will work with you to discern what your body language and non-verbal communication style is expressing. I trust these insightful programs of psychosomatic process will enlighten and further empower with a broadened outlook and positive mindset. It focuses on identifying and releasing the dis-ease and internal restrictions that keep you from moving forward in the world, feeling good about yourself, and confident in relationships. Personalized programs designed to take you to The Next Level of being the best person that you are intended to be. 

Working Together Toward Healing Life’s Hurts

What you have seen, voices you heard, emotion you felt and even things in the background you weren’t aware of, all effect you. Painful or joyful, it is worth considering how events have influenced your life patterns and paths you chose to walk.

It is possible to influence and redefine personal potential, moving away from dis-ease before it settles into disease!

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