Testimonials & Words of Encouraging Kindness

2016 ~ Dear Mable, It is hard for me to put into a short paragraph twelve weeks of experience here at your ranch. It is the first time for me to visit Canada, and most importantly the first time to be a cowgirl. It was a huge learning curve for me and it is so precious for me because I have fullfilled my “little girl dream”. What three months!! What a great experience! Being out here I learned so much about riding, ground work, teaching young horses…I really love all of your horses and you do a very good job on them! 

But this enjoyable stay wasn’t only about learning, it was also about having fun. Thank you for all the fun we had. I will surely rember our special events and laughs together. Thank you for entrusting me to be your assistant. Thank you so much for your generosity, patience and direction. This was a wonderful time and my family enjoyed coming to Canada, meeting you and visiting your ranch also. I really appreciate that you encouraged me to visit more of Canada during my stay here with you. 

For sure the knowledge that I have gained will serve me throughout my life. I wish for you the best. I do hope one day you will come to visit me and my family in Basque country, France. Your Basque Cowgirl Goizeder. France.

2016 ~ Dear MableAnn, I will begin by thanking you from the bottom of my heart for the 7 weeks we spent together. It was a huge learning curve, a hoot, a great experience, a real cowgirl time! And it’s so precious to me because that “was my little girl dream” _ And yet it was even better than I expected. I find in you a mentor, a friend, a teacher and an accomplice. I wish you only & all the best in the world until we meet each other again. Love Camille (Kiddo)! France.

2016 ~ My Dear Friend, Mable it is a pleasure to come and stay with you again! You are still a friend and a mentor for me and you will always be. Everytime we talk I feel like I learn so much from you. I hope it won’t take four years again to be back…Love Annika. Germany.

2015 ~ A dream come true with wonderful people and amazing horses! Susan Blum. Saskatoon, Sk.

2015 ~  First of all I want to say Thank You. The time I spent with you on your ranch was: very unique, rejuvenating and good for my heart and soul, relaxing and gave me a better appreciation for my life and the time I have to live, challenging, interesting….You taught me a whole lot of great things. So thank you for sharing your space, time and life experiences. I am looking forward to coming back! You are a great person with big plans & visions which is not always easy but you have shown that given opportunity and time all are worth the effort. So have fun, follow your dreams. Laugh & Dance. I hope you know how important you’ve become to me in such a short time. Love Maria. Europe.

2014 ~ Thank you Mable for your warm welcome; your open mind, honesty and integrity. I learned a lot of things, more than I had ever imagined, about life, horses and body language. Although I am not a person who easily says what she is thinking…you gave me the strength. I am so happy to have met you. You are such a strong and well-balanced woman! Lola. Belgium.

2014 ~ I am truly grateful for having met you and all that was shared with me during my stay, especially learning about body language and people. Scott.

2014 ~Thank your for these amazing three months. It was a pleasure to share your life and be an apprentice to you. I learned so much about horse training, this amazing country but also about, me. I really appreciate that you encouraged me to experience going to the mountains during my stay with you. Canad is awesome as a country, with beautiful people. I will never forget you and this awesome summer here at your ranch. Alix. Purpan Institute, France.

2014 ~  Thank you for all the lessons learned with horses and life. You are a very knowledgable person and it is great that you are willing to share your knowledge. Have fun with your passions (s). Imogene.

2014 ~  Dear Mable, We ended up here by coincidence, and we leave thinking more than before that coincidences don’t exist! Thanks for welcoming us and sharing your knowledge with us. Keep enjoying life! Juliette & Flo

2012 ~ It is hard for me to put into a short paragraph of words the experience I went through in the time of my stay. I have learnt a great many things. Things about myself, things about horses, things about people. Thank you, Mable, so much for having me here and receiving me with such generous hospitality. I was home for the while which means a lot for the wonderer. I wish thay you fulfill your true desires. Asa. Israel.

2013 ~ What a month! What an experience! Being here I learned so much about riding, ground work, teaching young horses, about life, about me and conflict managment. But it wasn’t only about learning. It was also about having fun! Thank you for teaching me and letting me ride all day (beautiful, awesome, appreciated) I really love all of your horses. You did a great job on them! They are all so friendly and willing. Maria. Germany.

2011 ~ I think this is a great place to do horse back riding especially for beginners. I will come back. Ellenjoy Doyle.

2011 ~ I had a wonderful stay. I loved the gardens so quiet and peaceful. I especially loved the horses and the riding. Thank you for all the dinners and breakfasts. Hazel Seymour. Saskatoon, Sk.

2011 ~ This was a wonderful opportunity for us to take some time out of our hectic lives just to breathe and slow thinds down. A new experience for me – first time on a horse – and beautiful gardens, super lunches, good conversation – thanks so much for everything and I’m looking forward to coming back again, and again! God Bless. Sally & Geff. Saskatoon, Sk.

2011 ~ Thanks for the experience and lessons, there is so much to horses that I never knew existed. I look forward to learning so much more. Each experience brings me greater pleasure and I think how you teach it, is an inspiration. Thanks for your wonderful hospitality and I look forward to many more great times to come and learn more. Barrington White.

2011 ~ What a lovely experience for my grand-daughter, Frances. I appreciate your patience. Your love for this life reflects in your dealings with all your animals – and us as people! Thanks I would love to come back. Nora Steffenhagen.

Your Presence Is Valued

2010 ~ Great instruction & an awesome calm environment! Thanks a million. Orlene Martins. Saskatoon, Sk.

2010 ~ Thank yo so much. It is a great honor to have met you and had a fabulous experience here. When I come back I will be sure to visit you again!! I wish you the best, success, health and joy to you. Sarah Imamura. Ontario.

2009 ~ Thank you Mable for making my 50th Birthday Bash the best one yet. Wow back to riding horses! I had such a wonderful time. Everything was fabulous and sooooo much fun. Marilyn Peterson. Saskatoon, Sk.

Hospitality plus, I will recommend this to about a zillion people. Big Hugs. Craig Peterson. Saskatoon, Sk.

2010 ~ Thank you so much! I have never rode a horse before but you made it so easy. Will definitely come back for more lessons! Crystal. Saskatoon.

2010 ~ Thanks for an amazing day! We had a wonderful experience with our Japanese visitors Koki and Tatsuya. Thank you for making us feel like family at your home and we will be sure to return shortly. YOU’RE THE BEST! Len & Maggie. Saskatoon, Sk.

2010 ~ A great get-away! I love Mable’s gentle way with the horses. Great food, Great Company! Lisa, Todd, Erik, Katherine. Regina, Sk.

2009 ~ Thank you Mable for making my 50th Birthday Bash the best one yet. Wow back to riding horses! I had such a wonderful time. Everything was fabulous and sooooo much fun. Marilyn Peterson. Saskatoon, Sk.

Hospitality plus, I will recommend this to about a zillion people. Big Hugs. Craig Peterson. Saskatoon, Sk.

2009 ~ Mable, Thank you for your patience, guidance and hospitality. Spending a few hours here, it is easy to see God at work through You and all that you offer. My boys and I have been truly blessed to have this experience. God Bless! Claudette Gourdeaur, Roman & Phoenix. Prince Albert, Sk.

2009 ~ One word “AWESOME”. Awesome people, awesome ranch, awesome horses & ranch animals, food. We enjoyed our stay thoroughly and we will be back. Your hospitality was supurb. Thank you. Marissa & Jim & Ema Dixon.

Thanks for another wonderful clinic day & once again I learned somethings new and really thank you for your patience and help in teaching me the skills required for the horse industry, life and in working with people. Tegan McDonald. 

2009 ~ Thanks for everything – The knowledge that I have gained will serve me throughout my life (thank the horse Gus for me) Sara Woodhous. Saskatoon, Sk.

2009 ~ Thank you for bringing back wonderful childhood memories!! Now onto retirement and more memorable times! Thanks for my horse “Why”. Leah Stewart. Saskatoon, Sk.

2009 ~ Graduated yesterday. Thank you for allowing me to do my practicum with you. I appreciate all of the gained experience. Tagen McDonald. Prince Albert, Sk.

2008 ~ Thank you for the wonderful experience and your caring instruction of the girls Hanna and Olivia. We look forward to seeing you and of course the horses in three weeks. Jon MacNeill, Calgary, Alberta.

What a wonderful experience and great hospitality! Thank-you Mable see you again soon. Jackie MacNeil. Calgary, Alberta.

2008 ~ Mable, thank you so much for the wonderful experience and valuable riding lessons. It was so nice to meet you and all the horses and animals, especially Zantastic, Peaches, BooBoo, Pepper and the sweet Mr. Beans! Sharon Auld.

2007 ~ Zantastic is a dream… thank you for all your patience and good instruction! Tarquire Moore’

Thank you so much for everything you’ve taught me. Your amazing. Kaetlyn Bandrager. Langham, Sk.

2007 ~ What a wonderful, fantastic time we had with you Mable. Your warm hospitality really touched our family. We felt we’d known you forever, like a long-time friend. We just loved our horse riding with you and especially with the safety and security of our children. We are sure gonna remember you! May God bless you and protect you. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts. I’m sure we’ll see you again soon. Thank you so much we all love you. The Wayland Family, Sylvie Quellett. Ontario, Canada.

2007 ~ Final day at Cass Workshop. What a great experience. We did learn alot and would recommend to any other “greenhorns” like us. Thanks so much for the great hospitality. Beth & Darryl Clark, Saskatchewan

2007 ~ Thank you for the wonderful hospitality! You were so great in accommodating our groups needs and we had a great time! The food was awesome and everyone had a blast! Thanks again, loved the horses! Lou-Ellen, Ian & Cloe Mardell. Snowden, Sk.

2006 ~ “The outside of a horses does wonders for the inside of a human”… doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel. It’s been a truly memorable riding & training experience. Mable, you & Roseknew what I needed better, than I did. God bless & “thank you”! Your hospitality & friendship is heartwarming. Liz Spelay, Regina, Sk.

2006 ~ This is a wonderful place to find rest and western hospitality. “May the peace of Christ rule your heart”. Bryce & Maryska

2006 ~ Memorable, entertaining, soothing, such wonderful company & awesome horses. Thanks, for all of it, Deadra Hall, North Battleford, Sk.

Wonderful Groundsand facilities. Even finer company. I’ve been a coke fan forever, but now I’m converted to “Pepsi” (the horse I rode)Ralph Hall, North Battleford, Sk.

2005 ~ What a nice idea we have had! We wanted to have a special vacation time, and MableElliott Guest Ranch was the right place. We have had a very good time- ambiance is so nice, food is just fantastic, and the horses are wonderful! We hope to be able to come back as soon as possible. Yaun Lang, Saint Jorenz, France.

I’m not very fluent in English bit I think it exists as a universal word, that is..Thank You, and Zantastic was just Fantastic. Elisabeth, Saint Jorez, France

2004 ~Thank you Mable, for the wonderful ranch experience! Your hospitaility is First rate! You have improved my riding mores than I imagined possible. Best wishes and likely see you again for more of the very enjoyable experiences. Cheers! Ed Beth, MooseJaw, Sk.

2004 ~ What a wonderful lesson – I learned so much and appreciate the whole work and effort that goes into making it possible. Thank you. Rosemary Melville-Hanson, Europe.

Beautiful ride on my good Rose. Ted Melville

2004 ~ Awesome say! Great horses and enough warmth to fill the sun….THANK YOU!! Karen, Joseph, Tyler & Kate Dawson, Saskatoon, Sk.

2005 ~ Dear Mable, We’ve never been treated better in 25 years of Business. Excellent meals and company. Many Thanks, Fred Thue. Indoor arena construction 

2003 ~ It was such a pleasure meeting you. We came from Toronto looking for relaxation and to learn horsemanship from a tru cowgirl and….we Did! It has been three truly amazing days. Thanks for passing along your knowledge of horses and life. Jessica Quigley, Lacosta Ontario

2003 ~ Mable, you are a true professional and you were so great with the girls! Thanks for investing your time and energy into teaching them. We had an awesome time!   Bonnie Friessen

2003 ~ Thanks for such an amazing experience! We have learned much more than we thought we could and will take this with us until we return next year… the first annual female bonding experience! Thanks Mable you were a great host & are always welcome at our homes in Toronto. Kerri Christman Ps. Give Pepsi a hug for me!!

2003 ~ What an awesome experience my horse and I had! We enjoyed the food, hospitality, accommodations and the horsemanship skills. It has been a dream of mine to have a holiday with my horse. This is a dream fulfilled beyond my expectations! I will definitely be returning. Thank you so much for everything, that was awesome. Smartie and I loved all the horsing around. You teach me so much every time I come here. You’re an outstanding person. Great food, great ambiance, great experience.     Cheryl Hil Hampson, Saskatoon.

2003 ~ Thanks for everything Mable. Just what the Doctor ordered. Pleasant surprise to find a new friend as well. Very Inspirational visit. Dean & Jackie Jones, Regina, Sk.

2000 ~ Ernie and Manuella Mueller

2000 ~ Thank you for the great time that we spend with you. We really felt at home and hope that we’ll see you again soon.   The Girls

2001 ~ Absolutely Delightful!  Terry Sukut (Saskatoon Star Phoenix) 

2001  ~ Thank you very much for such and enjoyable stay. It has been a great learning experience. Hope to see you again in the spring.   Bethany Van Dijk

2001 ~ Thankyou so very much for making our stay so enjoyable. I have learned so much and really appreciate your hospitality!! May God Bless You Richly, much love.

2002 ~ I really enjoy my time here plus learned a whole lot more.   Shoshanna Van Dijk, Prince George, BC.

2002~ Thanks for the experience and the relaxing stay, I needed this. It came at the time and point in life when I need it the most. I hope to see you again. Thanks for the info and help your hospitalit is fantastic and inspiritng. Tina Heisler

2003 ~ Thanks Mable! I had time of MY LIFE! First time on a horse & I LOVED IT! It’s my best experience EVER: Thanks again! I will never forget ROSE (My first Horse)   Tina Boateng, Ottowa On.

2003 ~ May to October Had a great summer riding. I learned a lot and Zantastic was a good horse that gave me support as I need it. Thanks Mable. Look forward to more riding next time back. Brian Berger, South Seas