Beyond Words ~ Beyond Riding The Next Level .... Welcome

Signature Approach of Uniquely Blending

Psychosomatic In-Depth Body Language and Lifestyle Awareness

with Intuitive Horsemanship

Beyond Riding~Horses Are For Health

Take your personal recreation and/or professional horsemanship, life and wellness to The Next Level with Horsemanship Skills that are Real Life Skills!

Did You Know?

Horses Don’t Lie! They know when there is a predator nearby and instantly respond instinctively expressing themselves with complete honesty and clarity. While standing strong they sustain a capacity to convey gentle affection.

Horses Are For Health! When we know better we can do better.

Beyond Words ~ In-Depth Body Language

Reationship and team building skills toward a practical understanding of self and others, tangibly creating a healthy bridge of awareness highly relevant to all aspects of life, business and overall well-being.

Be The Best Person You Are Intended To Be

Did You Know?

Your body Doesn’t Lie. It is constantly speaking to the outside world of your inner thoughts and experiences, whether you understand it or not, perhaps even crying with dis-ease and aching for your attention.

Are You Listening?

Teachings with Horse Sense and Cowgirl Logic