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Introducing MableAnn

Growing up on-site at a dude ranch, rodeo outfit, animal parks, zoo, and guest ranch, I learned that animals are honest and transparent in their responses and can express unconditional love. Being surrounded by horses, a vast array of domestic wild and exotic animals, and people from different cultures was my ideal world.

It was like heaven, with animals all around me, close enough to hug. Raising and training horses, and coaching and teaching from a very young age, “Horses Are For Health” is the foundation and grounding for my life and career.

Mable Elliott Guest Ranch ~ It’s a pleasure to have met everyone who visited my guest ranch and me. May we meet again soon? Thank you to everyone who purchased my beloved horses. I wish you many horse hugs and a long and happy life together.

Wellness Services with MableAnn Elliott ~ I sold my guest ranch, but I am continuing my passion for teaching and offering an expanded wellness service. I can now travel and bring programs to you and your group in your community.

I am excited to meet you or see you again soon!


Personal and Professional Development Programs

As with all animals, everyone has natural intuitive abilities that can be developed and refined to become a reliable source of self-awareness and guidance. This sensory perception (good horse sense and cowgirl logic) is vital to overall wellness, decision-making, safety, comfort, and confidence.

Life is a great teacher who educates us on many things differently. It includes learning through difficult circumstances. We must acknowledge our successes, even the minor ones, to ourselves during such times. I have personally faced two near-death experiences that caused severe injuries and put my resilience to the test. However, these trials have helped me develop deep compassion that I may not have acquired otherwise. They have also enabled me to grow as a person and expand the limits of my character. In conclusion, we may not like going through the transitions of change or the healing process, but we must evolve.

Looking back on my life, I realize that I have gone through some tough times and had dark nights of the soul that lasted for decades. It felt like I was on a winding and uncomfortable road that eventually led me away from physical, emotional, and spiritual pain and toward remembering there were good times and good people who have touched my life with kindness, love, and compassion.

Throughout this journey, I gained many valuable life skills and techniques which I now use as practical teaching tools. As a Teacher and Practitioner of Psychosomatic Therapy, I am here to guide you and offer my coaching services to help take your life to the next level. Together, let’s work towards leaving a mark of success in your life.

“finding balance during transformation is a powerful ability fueled by love and light.”

Teacher and Practitioner of Psychosomatic Therapy  *  Owner, Manager, and Host of Mable Elliott Guest Ranch * Published Author, and Professional Speaker  * Certified Level II Equestrian Coach (highest level in Saskatchewan) * Educator of Professional Trainers and Professional Coaches * Course Conductor and Program Facilitator * Producer of Specialized Wellness Service Horses, Performance, and Companion Pleasure Horses * Host of International and Canadian Work and Learn Participants

Decoding Your Body Language

Your Body, Your Truth    ~~~    Your Body Never Lies

Are You Ready for Change? Your ability to shift into a new way of being and feeling healthy, happy, and well is more possible than you may believe now.  So long as there is a wee flicker of HOPE, life can be re-sparked into action. It’s just more difficult when you feel you’re all alone ~ and the truth is, for the most part, the change is an inside job. That wee light is You, your inner being speaking to you through the dis-ease and pain of body-mind. Everyone needs help along the path to learning new ways of being. Welcome! I am delighted to be your guide and body language interpreter.

Your body speaks loud and clear, revealing the autobiography of your life journey.
Are You Listening?

We all face difficulties and disappointments, which shape us, leave markers on our bodies, and impact our personalities and physical and emotional health. Life experiences, events we were part of, visions we saw, voices we heard, emotions we feel, and even things in our environment that we aren’t aware of profoundly impact us, shape our bodies, and leave discernible body language markers. It is time to Shatter the Silence!

In-Depth Body Language Program

Course #1 Face Reading

Course Content – (guide only)

We will focus on reading faces, including facial structure and expression, personality traits, markers of truth/lies, life force energy, intuition, and sensor perception.

Confidential Conversation ~ Group Discussions

Course #2 Hands-Feet-Limbs-Tissue

Course Content – (guide only)

This course focuses on reading hands, feet, tissues, structure, balance, energy flow, and movement, posture, and realignment with a review of course one.

Confidential Conversations ~ Group Discussions

Course #3 Full Body Review

Course Content – (guide only)

Learning to read full-body profiles. I emphasize the entire body structure, balance, presentation, and personality; we will review courses one and two.

Confidential  Conversation ~ Group Discussion

Tuition Discounts with Prepaid Full Program (courses #1, #2, #3)

Programs for You and Your Group in Your Community

This experiential wellness program aims to empower participants in real-life situations. It teaches you to study body language and helps you to look beyond visual cues using your natural intuitive senses. Participating in this program can profoundly impact your personal and professional life by providing an enlightened understanding of yourself and others.

Break cycles and patterns that diminish and restrict who you are and how you live Your Life.

Working Together Toward Healing Life’s Hurts

In-Depth Body Language Programs

Presentation – Courses -Workshops – Trade Fairs – Speaker

Confidential Consultations

Body Balance Review – Ear Candling

Integrated Energetics Massage

75 to 90 min. Session ….. $135

120 min. (2 hour) Session ……….$185.00

Ear Candling (with Energetics Massage)    plus: Candles $15.00 each

Individual – Group ~ Co-Ed ~ Ladies ~ Men ~ Youth


Sharing nature’s healing power for nearly 50 years. Once you feel the difference, you’ll want everyone around you to feel it, too. Sharing something that heals oneself is only natural,….and rewarding.


Natures Sunshine products have supported health journeys since 1972 with 100% sustainable solar energy production.

Superior nutritional health products that are sustainably sourced, pure, and potent with over 600 different tests to help ensure their high standard of quality.

They know their product is made right because they make them themselves. Your health deserves the best.

I am thrilled to be your Nature’s Sunshine Consultant and to support you on your wellness journey.

We understand that everyone has different goals and dreams and it’s natural to take different paths in life. The wonderful thing about Nature’s Sunshine is that its high-quality nutritional products are here to support your health. Let us assist you!

Yada, da….

Shattering the Silence of Abuse

Domestic Violence ~ Child Abuse ~ Elder Abuse

Learning simple body language skills can make a difference in a person’s life, your own and others. Recognizing the unspoken body language markers of distress and abuse can be the difference that saves a life—perhaps your own.

Working Together Toward Healing Life’s Hurts

Sponsorship program

I cordially invite you to become a wellness program sponsor.

As a sponsor, you have the power to bring about transformative changes in many lives. This is an excellent way for you and your business to positively impact someone’s life, whether in your acquaintance, a stranger, or even yourself.

By sponsoring a person or a group or contributing money and products, you will support the development of programs and ensure their accessibility to individuals and communities seeking to improve their health and wellness. Your contribution can be highlighted at my events and website or remain anonymous.

I appreciate your support in considering this opportunity,

Best regards, MableAnn Elliott

Working Together Toward Healing Life’s Hurts

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